The Privacy Notice of Hiekka Apartments Oy (Ltd) in accordance with the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999). Updated on 14 February 2022.

The accommodation in Marina Chalets Kalajoki is sold through Hiekka Apartments Oy (Ltd), marketing name Hiekka Booking.

Data controller of the register, register’s name and contact information

Hiekka Apartments Oy (Ltd) (auxiliary company name: Hiekka Booking)
Hiekka Booking’s customer register.

Contact information

Hiekka Apartments Oy (Ltd)
Kalakuja 2
85100 Kalajoki
business id 3155471-9

Contact person:

Liisa Jäppinen
Kalakuja 2
85100 Kalajoki
+358 50 405 6548

Purpose of processing personal data (purpose of the register)

The data controller processes the personal data of customers for the following purposes:

  • providing data controller’s services to the customers
  • continuous management and development of customer relationships and bookings
  • payment of bookings, control and collection of payments
  • the development of the controller’s business and the related development of customer service
  • monitoring and analyzing customer’s possible interests and accommodation-related choices and wishes, and developing of customer service accordingly
  • monitoring and analyzing customer’s possible interests and accommodation-related choices and wishes, and developing of customer service and supply targeting accordingly

The controller will not disclose personal data to third parties for marketing purposes, or opinion and market research. The controller may send direct marketing content to customers electronically (e.g. via email and text messages).

The processing of personal data is based on the Finnish Personal Data Act’s section 8, subsection 1, paragraphs 1, 2, 5 and 6.

Information content of the register

The following information is collected and saved about customers:

  • customer number, first name, last name, local address, postal code, post office, country, telephone, mobile phone, email address
  • customer feedback information: customer satisfaction information, comments about the controller’s services, and other information obtained with the customer’s consent. Online feedback form, online feedback, email feedback and complaints. Results of the customer satisfaction survey (email, phone).
  • booking information (e.g. information about earlier and future bookings)
  • information related to the use of the services (e.g. information on the use, purchase and cancellation of the services)
  • customer’s payment method and payment behaviour information (including payment reference information) and billing information
  • information on how to prohibit direct advertising, distance selling and other direct marketing in accordance with the law (removal from the newsletter mailing list)
  • information about being a member in the customer and such systems of the controller and the companies that have a cooperation agreement with the controller, as well as necessary information to obtain the benefit of the system
  • information about hobbies
  • other information collected with the customer’s consent (e.g. information about the customer’s stated reduced mobility, injuries and illnesses that are necessary to know for organising the service requested by the customer)


The controller uses cookies on their website. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the customer’s computer, and they allow certain features on the websites. Generally, cookies are deleted from the hard drive of the customer’s device after the session (so-called session cookies). The customer’s device may store cookies that allow the controller to identify the customer’s device the next time the customer visits the website (so-called persistent cookies).

The controller uses tracking tools provided by third parties, such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords. These web analytics tools provided by Google Inc. and, for instance, the Adraction tracking tools also use cookies, which are stored in the customer’s device, and which allow us to analyse the use of the website. Information obtained through cookies about the use of the controller’s website, including the IP address, is transmitted to and stored in third-party servers.

The customer can prevent the installation of cookies by adjusting the settings of their browser’s software. In this case, not all features of the controller’s site can be used. By using the controller’s website, you consent to, for example, the use of information collected by Google about you for the purposes described above.

Regular sources of information

Information about customers is obtained with the customer’s own consent, and from events related to their preferred booking and purchase of services. Personal data may also be collected, stored and updated from the registers of the Finnish Digital and Population Data Services Agency, and other address, updating and similar service providing controller’s registers.

Regular disclosures and transfers outside the EU or the European Economic Area

Personal data is disclosed for direct marketing purposes and for opinion and market research to the extent permitted by the Finnish Personal Data Act (e.g. consent or assignment is required). Data may be disclosed outside the EU or the European Economic Area only to the extent permitted by the Finnish Personal Data Act.

Register security principles

Only those persons employed by Hiekka Apartments Oy (Ltd) who need the information in their work have access to the register located in the system. Apartment owners, property maintenance companies, persons who hand out the keys and housekeepers have access only to the customer data that is necessary for their operations. The information in the register is located in Hiekka Apartments Oy’s (Ltd) closed network, which is protected by a firewall, personal IDs and passwords. Individuals who process data are subject to the obligation of professional secrecy and penal provisions under the Finnish Personal Data Act.

Processing of personal data and information to customers in accordance with section 24 of the Finnish Personal Data Act.

Privacy Notice

The Privacy Notice of Hiekka Apartments Oy’s (Ltd) customer register is available from Hiekka Apartments Oy’s office and on the controller’s website

Data collection

Personal data is collected when the customer makes accommodation or convention services bookings and when collecting personal data from the data subject first-hand, customer feedback, customer surveys and draw and competition responses, customer data updates, and invoicing and payment control.

Right of access and right to correct incorrect information

The customer has the right to access the information about them in the customer register. If the customer wishes to exercise their right of access, they must send a signed right of access request to Hiekka Apartments Oy (Ltd) at the address mentioned above. The customer can also consult the register at the company’s office. In the right of access request, the customer must provide their name, address and telephone number. Hiekka Apartments Oy (Ltd) will deliver their written response to the customer within 30 days after the customer’s written right of access request has been received by the controllers or when the customer has personally visited the controller’s office.

The customer must specify which service the request concerns. Right of access request may also be addressed in person to the controller.

If the customer’s information is incorrect, the customer can submit a request to Hiekka Apartments Oy (Ltd) to correct the information. The controller shall correct, delete or supplement personal data in the register that is incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or out of date for the purpose processed on their own initiative or at the request of the data subject. The data subject should contact the data controller to correct the information. A request for correction must be written and signed, and the subject should send it to the address mentioned above.

Right to object

The customer has the right to object the data controller from processing their data for direct advertising, distance selling and other direct marketing. The customer can object the processing of their personal data by notifying Hiekka Apartments Oy (Ltd) in writing to the above address.